Dubai Holiday: An Experience Of A Lifetime

Dubai offers a diverse and exciting holiday destination that draws millions of visitors every year, especially during the winter season when the weather is just right to undertake several activities in the city right from sightseeing to desert safaris to scuba diving. No matter what type of attraction you are looking for in your vacation, Dubai can satisfy the taste of every individual. With some of the best sights, daily cultural events, thriving nightlife, and exciting shopping options, Dubai is one of the most popular and vibrant tourist spots in the world.


diera 1969The past few decades have seen Dubai transform from a desert land to a city of stunning skyscrapers. The unique blend of the traditional and the contemporary create a charming environment here that is full of surprises. Here are some of the best attractions in the city.

Exotic beaches – Dubai is a great place for people who love beaches and water sports. Some of the famous beaches in Dubai include Mamzar Beach, Jumeirah Beach, and Jebel Ali Beach. These beautiful and clean beaches are soft, sandy and safe, and they make available a wide range of entertainment and recreational activities to the visitors. You can sunbathe or laze around in the warm beaches and if you have an adventurous streak in you, there are several exciting water sports including diving, fishing, snorkeling, jet skiing, surfing etc that you can try out too.


dubai-palm-jumeirahPalm Islands – A visit to the city is incomplete without a trip to this breathtaking manmade creation. Palm islands are three of the biggest manmade islands in the world. The islands feature a series of stylish residences and hotels and are connected to the main land through bridges.

Wonderland – Spread across an area of 18 hectares, wonderland is a fun park that has an assortment of attractions including surf hills, Caribbean cruise, wave runners, speed slides, and many such amazing attractions.

Magic Planet – If you have children travelling with you, Magic Planet is a must-visit. An entertainment center for kids, the place packs in an array of exciting options for children.


artArt Galleries – For the culture buff who loves art, the Dubai art galleries are famous for showcasing some of the best talents from all across the globe. If you love art, do not miss this place at any cost.

Desert safaris — Dubai holiday deals is incomplete without going for a desert safari. Experience the essence of Dubai in a traditional safari Traveling in a vehicle across the sandy dunes of a desert, enjoying a barbecue dinner with belly dancers entertaining you and staying in Bedouin tents is an experience of a lifetime.

Gold markets – Dubai is perhaps the only city in the world where you find gold shops without any security guards. Gold is available here in several shades including white, pink, yellow and even purple and there is a wide range of designs to choose from as well.

Burj Al Arab – The only 7-star hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab is located on an artificial island. Famous for its mind-blowing interior decor, the hotel presents amazing views of the sky and the underwater life.

Ski resort – Dubai is home to one of the largest artificial ski resorts in the world. Beat the heat outside and enjoy some exciting sports including snowboarding, tobogganing, skiing, or simply playing in the snow.


wild wadiWild Wadi Water Park – The theme park boasts of some of the most exclusive water rides in the world. Again a must-visit especially if you are travelling with children.

Shopping — Shopping is an inevitable part of the Dubai experience. Whether it is the marketplace or the luxurious malls that you are shopping from, you can benefit from the incredible tax-free prices. Be it souvenirs, carpets, accessories or just about anything under the sun, you are sure to find it all in Dubai.

Traveling to a foreign country can cause worry and fear. However, this is not true while visiting Dubai. Considered as one of the safest cities in the world today, the crime rates here are non-existent. About accommodation, Dubai is home to some of the finest hotels and resorts in the world. There is no shortage of accommodation facilities for visitors to the city. Dubai hotels are well known for their lavish and opulent culture.

Dubai holiday deals are a wonderful opportunity to relax and unwind. With so many options for the visitors, the city makes for a great place to get away from the strains and stresses of daily life and have a wonderful vacation.


If you are interested in enjoying your time in Dubai, it can be a good idea to plan ahead and map out your trip so that you can make the most of your time. Dubai is a beautiful and wealthy city that features numerous incredible shopping centers and breathtaking architecture. There are many sights to see and experiences to enjoy, and by looking into cheap Dubai holidays to visit, you will be able to enjoy your time and take in all that the beautiful city has to offer.


khalifaTo begin with, one of the most highly recommended places to visit is the Burj Khalifa. This structure is currently the tallest on the planet, and it is impossible to miss. It is a modern marvel of design and technology and, there are tours constantly available that can allow you to enjoy a more in depth look of the building. You will also have the chance to view the entirety of the city from the one hundred and thirty fourth floor, where the observation deck allows for a spectacular vision of the city. Many people describe it as being on top of an airplane’s wing. Look into different discounts that can allow you to enjoy the view from the building, and always be sure to book in advance.


mallYou have no doubt heard about the famous shopping experience that can be enjoyed in Dubai. No cheap Dubai holidays are complete without visiting the central Dubai Mall, which features enormous stores and a twenty two screen cinema. The shopping and the food courts are among the most famous in the world, and there is a theme park right in the store, known as Sega World, along with another park designed specifically for children, which is known as Kidzania. The mall also features an enormous aquarium  with a full sized ice rink that you can enjoy any time of the year. As with most restaurants and shopping locations, it is crucial to plan ahead so that you can work with the best times.

If you are especially interested in enjoying some of the food options that can be found in the city, it is recommended for you to visit Zuma. While the city features innumerable restaurants that can provide you with just about any culinary experience, this restaurant is particularly renowned, even among other Japanese restaurants around the world. The restaurant features a very vibrant lounge and bar area, along with an open kitchen design that allows customers to enjoy the show of their food being cooked before it is served. The staff are always friendly and there are numerous dishes that can be enjoyed to represent the best of the location. Reservations are essential in order to get a seat, as it is one of the most in demand restaurants that can be visited.


skyview barAs for a place to stay, Dubai is never short of high class hotels and resting establishments where you can stay to enjoy your visit. The Burj Al Arab is the world’s only seven star hotel, and, since its finalized construction, it has become an icon for the city itself. Even with the competition from so many other hotels, this one is still one of the most recommended to visit for an unforgettable resting experience. From the wide variety of sights and aquariums that are featured in the hotel’s lobbies, to the seafood restaurant located underwater that can be visited at just about any time during the day, there is always something to be seen.

Even if you do not planning on staying in the hotel, it should definitely be visited just so that you can take in all of the sights that the place has to offer. You can enjoy tea and drinks at the Skyview Bar,  and visit the water park that is featured right in the hotel. As with any such experience, however, it is a good idea to book in advance so that you do not get turned away at the door. There are numerous restaurants that can be visited at the location, and viewing over all of them with the type of experience that you have in mind will be a sure way to enjoy your visit. These are just some of the few things that can be enjoyed in the visually stunning city. It is highly recommended for you to plan your visit depending on how you want to enjoy what the city has to offer, and arrange for an itinerary that will make the most of what there is to be experienced.